A vaporizer, commonly referred to as a vape is a device that works as a cigar. The vaper blows out the cigar which is in-form of liquid. The use of vapes has gained popularity over recent years and is being regarded as safer than the traditional cigar. Buying a vaporizer can sometimes be confusing and not like buying a regular cigarette. Below is a quick guide to buying one.

There are portable vaporizers devices that are convenient for use when one is on the move. Portable vapes can also be used at home. They do not need to be plugged into power when in use and can use batteries. When buying portable vaporizers, consider the material used in the making of the device as cheap ones will not last long, or will cause the vapor concentrate to change from its original taste. Portable vapes made of steel metal are the best quality and will not change the taste or quality of the vapor. If the device is made from glass, take extra care while using it on the move as it can break.

There are also desktop vapes which are relatively pricey as compared to portable vapes. They sit on a surface, and the vaper can use them hands-free. They need to be plugged into power while in use. Most desktop vaporizers are meant for vaping herbs. The desktop unit device can be used at home and are not portable.

Pen vaporizers have a shape of an ordinary pen. You can conceal it in a pocket as they are small, long and thin. Vape pens have a small battery for powering them on. The e-liquid is loaded on to the small tank and heats up to produce vapor when the button is tuned up. Pen vapes are suitable for oil or wax concentrates. For more information, you may also check  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/electronic-cigarette.

Consider the content of what you want in your vape. Portable vaporizers can have both concentrates and herbs.  When buying, ask the seller whether the vape pen is meant for the use of herbs, or concentrates. Vaporizer for herbs contains a wood, glass or metal bowl for holding the herb plant. Portable vaporizers have a tiny coil and are designed for concentrates, view website here! 

Before buying, consider where you will be using your vape. Get a portable vape if you will be using it at home, where there are young kids to avoid leaving your vape in the open. A portable vape is also convenient for use during office breaks as it can be kept in the pocket, office drawer, in the car, etc. For those with no kids at home, a desktop vape will be convenient as it can be left in the open. You do not have to worry about the batteries and will only need to plug into power when in use, go here now!